Deschutes River

Election Coming on May 18, 2021

Ballots are coming your way on April 28!

There are several candidates that have been endorsed by the Deschutes County Democrats. You will find a shortened bio that will be on our zoned ballots from the voters pamphlet which can be found on-line already: Voters Pamphlet. There may be some opportunities coming that will help you make a personal decision- zooms, forums, etc. We are doing our best to find out about those and we will let you know soon about the opportunities.

The Deschutes County Democratic Party will meet on Thursday, April 8 at 7pm for our monthly meeting via Zoom.  As part of our speaker series, we are excited to invite our newly endorsed candidates for our May 2021 slate to join us.  There are a lot of amazing candidates that are looking for donations and volunteers in order to run a strong campaign for this May.  We are only three weeks away from receiving our ballots and three more weeks away from the deadline to turn those ballots in to the Clerk's office.  These races happen really quickly and we need to be ready to support our slate.  

After numerous endorsement meetings, we have almost completed our full slate for the May Elections.  We have two additional Dems who have asked for our support in this upcoming election.  Both are the only Dems running for their seats.  We will give both of them two minutes to introduce themselves and then ask two questions.

 We will then hear from our endorsed candidates about their campaigns and how we can help them win their elections.  We are thrilled with all of these amazing individuals for stepping up and running for local office.  

Shirley Olson – School Board Zone 4 As a full-time resident of Sunriver, Shirley believes the District’s Zone 4 (southern Deschutes County) deserves direct represen- tation within the Board – with awareness of the needs of its stu- dents, parents and faculty. She is a SMART Reader Volunteer at Rosland Elementary School, La Pine. “With your vote, I will pledge to serve the Bend-La Pine School District with integrity and conscience in all activity.”

Anne M Ness Library Board Zone 3 WE NEED A LIBRARY BOARD THAT INVESTS IN LA PINE, SUNRIVER, AND DESCHUTES RIVER WOODS Those of us in south county are being overlooked. As your next Library Board Member, I will: Ensure our tax dollars are used efficiently and locally; Expand library hours and technology resources in our com- munity libraries; Phil Chang, Deschutes County Commissioner John Hummel, Deschutes County District Attorney Tammy Baney, Former Deschutes County Commissioner Jennifer Neahring, MD, St. Charles Medical Group Toby Bayard, Executive Director, Supporters of Literacy Andy High, Former School Board Chair Kristine L. Callahan, Teacher Catherine C. Daley, retired Teacher

Martha Lawler As your Incumbent Zone 3 Director I’m again asking for your vote so that I can continue my involvement with the Board as our Library District looks to its future. Thank you. It’s an honor to be associated with this organization. Our library branches provide extensive resources that all residents can readily access, either in person or on-line. Our library system is considered one of the best in Oregon and has achieved national recognition as well. No website in voter’s pamphlet. Endorsed by Deschutes Democrats.

Erica Skatvold Community College It has been an honor to serve on the Central Oregon Com- munity College (COCC) Board, giving back to the college that gave me educational opportunities while growing up in Bend. As a board member I have advocated for: increasing partnerships with local businesses and organizations; increas- ing professional experience development and modern technical training programs; “dual credit” programs; alternative class schedule options; and being fiscally responsible. These are all important aspects for COCC to continue to provide Central Oregon with accessible, relevant training programs and suc- cessful students. Jason Kropf, Oregon House of Representatives Phil Chang, Deschutes County Commissioner John Hummel, Deschutes County District Attorney Gena Goodman-Campbell, Mayor Pro Tem, Bend City Councilor Barb Campbell, Bend City Councilor Melanie Kebler, Bend City Councilor Jim Clinton, COCC Board, former Bend Mayor Dr. Rod Ray

Alan Unger Community College Thank you for the opportunity to serve on the COCC Board for the last four years. This last year has been very challenging for our community. COVID restrictions have meant that cam- puses are closed and classes are mostly remote. Professors and students have met the challenges of remote learning and have persevered! A focus on student success and safety will help us find the right balance of online, in-person, and hybrid classes for the up- coming fall term. We take seriously our responsibility to ensure the safety of students and faculty as we move back to in-person learning. Email Alan at: