Recycling Bin

Recycling Center Proposal

The SROA Board of Directors appointed a Recycling Center Task Force in 2020 to research and vet all options for the expansion of the current facility as well as alternative solutions, such as side-yard recycling pickup. The task force presented their final report in March 2021. Thanks to negotiations with Deschutes County and Cascade Disposal, they are working to offer side-yard pickup to trash subscribers (start date yet to be determined). A recycling center is still necessary as not everyone will want to pay for or have the ability to use the side-yard service (mostly due to limitations of their trash enclosure). The new center would continue to operate as it currently does by being available to Sunriver owners, visitors and those residing in the greater Sunriver area.

Owners will be asked to vote on whether or not to use Reserve Funds to construct a new facility

The new recycling proposal was voted down with less than 60% voting yes.