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Brian Lepore for Oregon's HD 55

Brian Lepore for Oregon's HD 55

Brian is determined, savvy, and well-informed. He has a proctical approach to problem-solving and isn't aftraid to tackle challenges


South Central Oregon, like all of the state, is experiencing a housing affordability crisis. Many cannot afford to stay in our communities and raise a family. Everyone running for office should be making housing a major part of their platform. I will work to decrease barriers to building rural entry level housing in the district and double the funding for Oregon housing vouchers. .

Drought and Fire

South Central Oregon is experiencing an extended extreme drought. Klamath County has already had a state of emergency declared as snowpack is at 60% of the historical average and Deschutes County isn’t far behind. I’ll work collaboratively with local and federal groups to make sure homeowners and farmers are protected while also working to help our communities plan for a warmer future.

Healthcare and Childcare

Many of our neighbors have inadequate health insurance and shouldn’t have to rely on luck to access the care they need for themselves and their families, including behavioral health. While much of this must happen at the federal level, I’ll work to make sure Oregon is doing all it can to strengthen the Oregon Health Plan so that everyone has coverage.

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