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Tina Kotek for Oregon Governor

Tina Kotek for Oregon Governor

Tina is fighting for a better future for everyone.

Through my professional experience as an advocate for those in need, and serving in the State House where I’ve proudly led as Speaker, I have carried the value of service instilled in me by my parents to get real results for Oregonians.

Housing and Homelessness

No one should have to live in a tent on a sidewalk. Houselessness is a humanitarian crisis in our own backyards. Everyone has the right to live somewhere in security, peace and dignity.

Climate and the Environment

Oregonians treasure the clean air, clean water, and natural beauty of our state, and it is our responsibility to preserve it. It is also our responsibility to do what we can to combat climate change, which is a real and present danger that Oregonians are already experiencing firsthand. Oregon’s economy and the health of our communities require ongoing bold action to match the scale of this crisis. While Tina understands that Oregon alone cannot solve the climate crisis, she is committed to making sure Oregonians do our part.

Women's Rights and Reproductive Freedom

Society is more fair and just when women have equal rights and protections, including the right to make health care choices about their bodies. Tina is a leader with a proven record of standing up for women’s rights and protections.

Tina Kotek on the Issues - video responses to all the major issues

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