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Morgan Schmidt for County Commissioner

Morgan Schmidt for County Commissioner

“I’m running for County Commissioner because I believe in us. The current political climate wants to set us against one another and fill us with fear - I don’t buy it. It’s time to hope again, and put that hope into action so that everyone who lives in Deschutes County can thrive here. Working together, we can be a force for good.”


We have a housing crisis in Deschutes County. This is a stunning place to live, work, and play - but none of it can happen without our people. Our top priority must be to collaborate with city governments to thoughtfully build more housing that can support local businesses, families, communities, and our Central Oregon way of life.

Land Use & Growth

Deschutes County is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. This has brought benefits to our community, as well as challenges like soaring house prices, traffic jams, strained infrastructure, and unsustainable pressure on our lands, waters, and wildlife. Our lands and water are irreplaceable, and the county’s role is to align with the integrity and intent of our land use system: planning for affordable, livable cities while preserving the forests, farmland, waters, and open spaces that we all love.

Mental Health

Tragically, our county has one of the highest youth suicide rates in the state. The need for support is outpacing our ability to respond, leaving vulnerable people waiting for appointments and wraparound services. We must make behavioral health a priority and forge partnerships with local organizations and mental health care providers so our whole community can be well. Morgan will collaborate with the experienced professionals who have been doing this work in our community for a long time to champion programs that will have significant impact.

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